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In the 17 Chakra Meditation the Elohim guide you, through Jhadten's
voice, to connect with the earth chakras, allowing you to embody the
higher chakras of your energy system. The higher, or transpersonal
chakras are chakras of consciousness, awareness and love.

Meditation 1 leads you through the steps to connect with these chakras
and bring their vibrational frequencies into the body. In this way the
traditional 7 chakra system is expanded to 17 chakras.

In Meditation 2 the Elohim bring you to the awareness that once the
earth chakras and transpersonal chakras have been integrated, new
chakras of the fifth dimensional frequencies are birthed within. They
describe these energy fields and how they affect your awareness and
every day life.

Jhadten Jewall is an international facilitator of workshops and sacred
journeys. His passion for beauty and joyful spirituality makes his work
very transformational. He transmits the most important aspects of our
evolving consciousness in poetic imagery and the vibrational frequencies
of a new wholistic awareness. The meditations are beautiful and moving
vibrational imprints of this new consciousness.

Music by Lori-Ann Speed.

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