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Gillian MacBeth-LouthanParticle or Wave?

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As I send my energy into 2015 I am always greeted by the same doorman guarding the time-portal. The question always is “particle or wave?”. ‘Do I want the outcome in particle or wave? So I personally decide do I want this to stay in wave form and not appear on earth – or go to particle/matter form to finish its business?

Katie WeaverMessages from Spirit:

Empathy by Katie Weaver

As an empathic kid, I suffered from constant stomach aches. I recognise now that I was feeling so much of the world around me, and I had no idea what to do with that energy. It is both magical and painful to always feel what others are feeling. Recently, one of my guides chimed in with some fascinating information.

Michael G RecciaTrance Mission Excerpts: Emotional Baggage
Joseph through Michael G Reccia

As you add to your experiences remember that you are in a negatively-charged Field, that makes them seem real to you years after they have actually happened, because that is what the Field wants. The Field wants to remain as it is and anything that you can contribute to the negativity of the Field helps the Field and slows you down.

Elizabeth FrancisWhy Relationships Fail
by Elizabeth Francis

This month I am working with a reading I did for a client who wanted to know why, what she thought was a good relationship, had gone bad. The first message that came through from Spirit was to remind my client that a relationship needed to be built on a strong foundation, so that a committed and enduring love, the type of love Spirit knows we all seek and deserve, could develop.

Stephanie Bell

From Karma to Dharma

by Stephanie Bell
“What is my Soul’s Divine Purpose?”. Anyone who is seeking to truly understand themselves, others and life itself, will eventually ask this question, if they wish to begin to move from ancient karmic patterns and into their ultimate destiny, or their dharma.

Guy FinleySpiritual Treasures
by Guy Finley

Stay awake. Stay in your body. Don’t let your mind drag you around, always talking to you, telling you the meaning of what you see. Learn to master your attention. It will, in turn, teach you the real purpose and proper use of your time here on earth.

Lynsey WalkerLemurian Earth

by Lynsey Walker
The Lemurians had a great love for Mother Earth and lived simple yet meaningful lives. They believed all they needed was provided by nature and the spiritual realms. They did no harm and took as little from Mother Earth as possible, which is why there is not much evidence of their existence.

Anne O'KeifeSpring of Runes

by Ann O'Keife

Greetings to the New Year! Change, evolution and awakenings on the micro and macro levels are becoming more frequent, as vibrations refine and heighten. We start the year still in the midst of the Unconscious realm; where dreams, fears, aspirations, hopes and gifts are ripening – ready to come forth in the upward energy of spring.

Sandy StevensonAngels & Fairies Choose Human Lives

by Sandy Stevenson
I continually observe the love, beauty and strength of those beings that, having completed their evolutionary learning in the subtle energy kingdoms of fairies and angels, then courageously choose further spiritual growth by moving to the human evolutionary line, adopting human form in order to gain greater wisdom, understanding and compassion.

Celia FennThe Diamond Path 2015
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

In the year 2015, you will be given the opportunity to further develop your skills and abilities as the powerful Diamond Light energies create further acceleration of consciousness, and further activations of DNA codes for spiritual and physical evolution.

Gerard AartsenSpace People Warn of Dangers of Inequality

by Gerard Aartsen
Many readers may be aware that we have been, and are being visited by people from other planets. These same visitors have repeatedly voiced their concerns about the way we have chosen to organise society around the need to earn money for daily living, and pursuing the ‘dream’ of limitless wealth, no matter if it kills the planet.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'inAnother Surge in Ascension Bandwith
by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

There is a turning point where the transitional pressure becomes so strong, and we have lost any hope of having any control over it, that we burst in and out of control with giddy laughter at all the things that have caused us so much pain. The cosmic relief valve is coming! And when it does, we can embrace all the challenges, and celebrate all the victories that we have achieved.

Barbara Hand ClowFree Will or the Whirlwind
by Barbara Hand Clow

The world is on a crazy Neptunian high that craves more and more stimulation and ecstasy as we reap the bad karma of the Piscean Age. I will read the chart for the Sixth Uranus/Pluto Square looking for ways to adopt positive Neptunian skills that can be used to transcend the collective mind.

The 5 Agreements GameThe Chivalry of Relationships
from The 5 Agreements Game

One of the most destructive uses of your word is in your own thoughts. That’s right: true impeccability of your word begins in the mind, before a word is even spoken. Watch your thoughts for a day. How many times do you hear self-criticism, self-judgment, self-doubt, and disappointment?

AnthocyaninsNew Year - New Diet!
by Jill Davies

Anthocyanins are probably one of the most important plant pigments. Out of 150 or so flavonoids found in nature, they come up as the one with the most anti-oxidizing powers in us humans. When it comes to dealing with acute or long-term chronic inflammation and other ‘healthy-life’ choices this is the go-to flavonoid.

Issue 69. Jan/Feb 2015

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